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Merit Financial Solutions is a technology-based financial services company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a mission to help consumers who are experiencing financial distress.

Merit Financial Solutions is the parent company of four wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • Merit Consumer Services – provides debt mediation solutions to consumers and a set of financial, educational, and social services to help consumers get back on their feet, financially.
  • Merit Lending – provides loan re-structuring offerings and solutions to consumers who typically have sub-prime credit scores, but also have other quality attributes that make them more creditworthy.
  • Merit Investments – purchases debt portfolios and other assets that generate attractive levels of ROI.
  • Noble Financial Solutions – works with consumers to honorably resolve their delinquent debt.

Among Merit's many business relationships is a long-term services contract with the Center for Consumer Recovery (CCR), a 501(c)(3) orginazation based in Tulsa, OK., whose mission is to help consumers in financial distress.


Federal and state regulations govern the various businesses in different ways and often preclude each company from engaging in certain activities.

The four companies, working in strict compliance with data privacy laws, are better positioned to provide a wide range of services that genuinely improve the financial standing and stability of its customers.


We help customers renegotiate their debts with other creditors. Our debt mediation and credit counseling services improve credit scores. By improving credit scores, we help consumers have access to more credit and at a lower cost.

We also help customers find new jobs or better jobs. MCS matches the consumer with local public and private social service providers to overcome short term crisis needs. We make available financial literacy programs and money management tools.


Merit Lending provides a highly specialized debt restructuring program. For selected consumers, Merit will acquire a loan from another creditor in order to restructure the obligation.

DEBT BUYING - Merit Investments

    Merit Investments purchases portfolios of delinquent consumer debts. After purchase, the customer accounts are placed with Noble for servicing.

DEBT SERVICING - Noble Financial Solutions

    Noble services portfolios of delinquent debt that are owned by third parties. Revenues are comprised of contingency fees based on portfolio characteristics and the percentage of funds collected.

What we offer

Proven experience in core businesses
and consumer engagement


Our leaders are accomplished executives in businesses that focus on meeting customer needs in a manner that is professional and customized to each customer.

Revolutionary Debt Mediation Processes

Our proprietary debt mediation processes facilitate win-win solutions for customers and their creditors.

Customer Centric Focus

Our goal is to build trusting relationships with consumers by providing them with services and solutions that help them achieve financial recovery and stability.

Compliance and Ethical Behavior

Our interactions with consumers are based on the highest principles of ethical behavior and complete compliance with federal and state law.

Our Management Team

Team work builds trust and
trust builds growth

Tom Simonson
Thomas E. Simonson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Merit Financial Solutions

Tom Simonson is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Merit Financial Solutions, Inc. He provides the required entrepreneurial skills and insight to identify key business opportunities and then develops the implementation plan for our key growth strategies. Tom leads the Executive Committee.

Prior to joining Merit Financial Solutions, Tom was General Manager of the Technology, Consulting and Systems Integration Division at Unisys Corporation. Tom was responsible for the worldwide go-to-market plan, global sales organization, customer satisfaction and field operations. He had full P&L responsibility and $1.7B in top line revenue.

Prior to Tom’s position at Unisys, he was the EVP of Mainline Information Systems, a privately held IT solutions company. Before joining Mainline, Tom spent the first 21 years of his career at IBM, starting as a Marketing Representative in the Financial Services Industry and then progressing through their worldwide management development program. He held a wide variety of executive roles, including several global positions where he was responsible for diverse aspects of IBM’s business including Hardware, Software, Services and the Channel. During his last five years, Tom was a member of IBM’s Senior Leadership Team, a group comprised of their most senior executives on a global basis.

Tom received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Drexel University.

Liddie Brown
Liddie Brown

Director of Finance
Merit Financial Solutions

Liddie Brown is the Director of Finance of Merit Financial Solutions, Inc., and is responsible for the administrative and financial operations of the company. Her duties include the director of accounting, tax preparation, human resources and payroll processing. She oversees the finance operations of four subsidiary companies. She is responsible for ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

Liddie has a strong and diverse background with 30 years’ experience in accounting, payroll and tax preparation.

Liddie attended Carl Albert Jr. College and Rogers State University.

Megan Carr
Megan Carr

Vice President
Merit Consumer Services

Megan Carr is the Vice President of Merit Consumer Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Merit Financial Solutions. Megan oversees the day-to-day operations and all aspects of organizing, building, and implementing the business.

Megan has 14 years of experience in the financial services field, with 10 of those years in management roles, and she previously held the position of Director of Operations at Merit Consumer Services. Prior to that, Megan worked in advertising for 10 years, including time at TV Guide and Cox Media Group.

Megan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.

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